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Do You Want To Be A Coach And Earn Tens Of Thousands Every Month With Your Own Niche Market?

Mike Crow's FREE Report Explains How You Can Quickly And Easily Become A Niche Coach And Mentor Once You Understand...

  • The Right Membership Levels
  • The Right Parts Of A Product
  • How To Host Your Own Event
  • How To Properly Build Your Coaching Marketing Funnel
Niche Coaching Expert Mike CrowNiche Coaching Expert
Mike Crow

Learn From A Successful Niche
Coaching Expert...

Mike Crow founded a successfully grew one of the biggest businesses in his niche before selling it for well over a million dollars. Then he created and grew 2 different successful niche coaching, consulting, and information marketing businesses, and he can do the same for you! Learn from someone who has been where you want to be. Simply enter your info in the box to the right and get your copy of Mike's FREE Niche Coaching Report...

Ask Yourself The Following Questions - How Would You Like To...

  • Build a niche coaching program?
  • Watch a niche coaching program operate from the inside out?
  • Attend their main event and see how all the pieces work form the day it gets started until everything they promised is delivered – from behind the scenes?
  • Learn how to setup your own BootCamp from behind the scenes at ours? See the whole process from the Coaches point of view… how to choose speakers and why, what to look for in a venue without paying too much, how to setup the room and vendor area, how and when to schedule which type of speakers and topics, back end handout development and handling, back of the room sales strategies and staff training documentation, etc.
  • Have access to past marketing materials used to build membership and fill seats at the BootCamp?
  • Have the ability to call up my key people and ask them any operation questions?
  • Not just see, but receive power point presentations used to increase membership and fill seats at the BootCamp?
  • Access to the #1 method we used to fill seats at our main event (TeleClasses)? Marketing materials to get people to register for teleclasses, follow up materials to help make sure they show up on the teleclass, audio recording and scripts from teleclasses, documented post teleclass procedures, etc...
  • Receive copies of articles used to increase/induce “obvious expert” status with permission to blend them into your industry for publication?
  • Help setting up and running your very own BootCamp?
  • Receive membership status in Mike’s coaching group so you see all the pieces a member receives? You’ll get monthly mailout that members receive, permission to attend coaching calls, permission to attend in person high level coaching meetings, and permission to attend our annual BootCamp not just as an attendee but with the ability to see the behind the scenes magic that makes the event profitable.

Learn More Now...

Thousands In Monthly Continuity Income...

With Mike Crow's guidance as my mentor and business coach, I have been able to build my own coaching and information marketing business (203k in a Box). His support and coaching has enabled me to create a reliable stream of continuity income of thousands of dollars that hits my bank account each and every month (and the money comes in regardless of whether I'm behind my desk in my office or sitting on the beach on vacation). I'm also now making thousands of dollars every time I speak.

If you are ready to grow a successful coaching, consulting, and information marketing business, whether you are starting from scratch or just want to take your coaching business to an all new level, then you need Mike Crow's help - NOW!

- Catherine Hall

After Just One Month: $2,300.00 Increase In Monthly Continuity Income...

"As the world's fastest reader, I've read over 30,000 books. Even with all this information, Mike Crow showed me important revenue opportunities and income streams that I didn't even realize existed. With his coaching, and support, I've been able to make dramatic improvements in my company's income and integrated critical systems that made the crucial difference between success and failure.

In the past month alone, just one of Mike's ideas has increased my monthly income by $2,300.00, and it is on target to balloon to over $12,000.00 a month next year. Even better there is no limit to how much more it will produce after that."

- Howard Berg